Booby, be quiet!

Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl

These youthfully exuberant essays on translation, innovation, performance, and audience are compelling, delightful, and often funny: illuminating as Reykjavik white nights and sharp as the skate blade of a North American racing champion. —Charles Bernstein

Norðdahl’s lively essays also introduce us to (perhaps) heretofore unexplored global poetries old and new in the most entertaining way, and leave us pondering a few delightful scenarios: “Imagine a poem so robust and resourceful that it could survive humanity … the nuclear dust finally settles and all that’s left of mankind is poetry.” —Sharon Mesmer

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204 pages
128 x 210 mm
Graphic design Liina Luoma
Published 2011
Library classes 80.5 and 86.34
ISBN 978-952-5954-06-7
ISBN 978-952-5954-24-1 (PDF)